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      机械制造/机电/重工 200-499 中外合营(合资、合作) 江苏省>苏州工业园区
      MSA China

      In 1987, MSA established the first joint venture in the safety industry of China at Wuxi, China. In 2003, MSA set up its China Headquarter in Shanghai. In September 2008, a new manufacturing plant and Research and Development center with a planned total investment of USD 38 million went into operation at Suzhou to meet the fast growth of MSA China. MSA is the most preferred & ethical supplier of safety equipment & solutions in China. Our products - Personal Protective Equipment and Fixed Gas and Flame Detection, are most used in Oil, Gas, Petroleum and fire industry.

      The business of MSA China has been achieving an over 30% year-on-year growth rate since 2003. MSA China is now one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of safety equipment and solutions in China. Its business has been extended to 36 of the 38 provinces of China including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

      The Research and Development Center is housed in a world-class facility and has invested in full-range of engineering equipment and advanced laboratories. It is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and cutting-edge safety equipment Research and Development facility in China. This Research and Development center is a key member of the MSA global Research and Development network. The MSA China engineering team is working and collaborating with their counter-parts in U.S and Europe in developing safety equipment for the global market.

      The mission of MSA China is:
      -MSA China is the most preferred and ethical supplier of safety equipment and solutions in China
      -MSA China becomes one of the MSA global manufacturing centers
      -MSA China becomes a member of the MSA global Research and Development network
      -MSA China is the best company to work for in the safety industry in China