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      教育/培训/院校 200-499 事业单位 江苏省>苏州昆山
      Duke Kunshan University – Overview

      Duke Kunshan is a world-class liberal arts university based in Kunshan, China, that offers a range of high quality, innovative academic programs for students from around the world. It was established in September 2013 as a U.S.-China partnership between Duke University and Wuhan University.

      Duke Kunshan welcomed its first students in August 2014. The university began by offering Duke graduate degrees as well as a Global Learning Semester program for undergraduate students from Duke and top-tier Chinese and international universities.

      In August 2018, the university welcomed its first undergraduate degree students. The four-year bachelor’s degree program follows the liberal arts and sciences tradition, with emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and self-exploration.

      Our vibrant, high-tech campus covers 200 acres in Kunshan’s Yangcheng Lake Science and Technology Park. Take a virtual tour to see our advanced classrooms, conference facilities and library, as well as student and faculty housing, and multiple dining and recreational areas. We also have multipurpose meeting spaces, break rooms and study rooms that allow students to work individually or in groups to review course materials and complete assignments.

      The city of Kunshan, in Jiangsu province, is one of China’s fastest-growing economies and is a hub for high-tech research and manufacturing. The city is surrounded by picturesque forests and water towns, and is also connected by high-speed rail and subway to Shanghai and Suzhou, two of China’s most dynamic cities.





      当前在招 41 个职位, 合计 44 人以上
      Residence Life Coordinator
      Senior Coordinator – Residential Education
      Systems/Business Analyst
      Lab Manager (Part-Time)
      Development Specialist
      Global Education Coordinator for the Office of Global Education
      Director of Counseling and Psychological Services
      International Enrollment and Marketing Officer
      HR Assistant – Compensation and Benefits
      HR Officer for Staff Recruitment
      Administrative Assistant of Initiative for Sustainable Investment
      Administrative Assistant
      Writing and Language Studio Coordinator
      Writing Coach
      Associate Director for Pre-Graduate and Fellowship Advising
      Archives and Special Collections Librarian
      Officer of Career Services
      Institutional Research Analyst
      Audio Visual Integration Engineer
      Educational Consultant for Sciences
      MEP Engineer - Mechanical
      Lab Instructor for Undergraduate Courses in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
      Associate Accountant
      Program Specialist of Master of Management Studies
      Assistant Director for Medical Physics
      Associate Director for Master of Management Studies
      Lab Technician for Undergraduate Program in Biology
      Lab Technician for Undergraduate Program in Data and Computer Science
      Specialist for University Branding and Marketing
      IT/AV Analyst (Generalist)-Intermediate Level
      Administrative Assistant for Research
      Assistant Director of Residence Life – Residential Services
      Learning Consultant
      Recruitment and Admissions Officer for Medical Physics
      IT/AV Analyst (Generalist)-Entry Level
      Lab Technician for Undergraduate Program in Chemistry
      International Enrollment and Marketing Manager
      Administrative Assistant for Information Technology
      IT Application Business Analyst
      Lab Instructor for Undergraduate Data and Computation Science Courses
      Lab Technician for Undergraduate Program in Physics